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Cambridge Delta

The Modular DELTA consists of three modules, each of which links into and supports the others. It is recommended to do them one at a time and in the order they are presented below. UP Language Consultants does not offer the Distance DELTA.

Module One

Your performance will be assessed by an exam, which consists of two papers of 90 minutes each with a 30 minute break between them.

Module Two:

Our performance will be assessed by:

Written assignment – PDA – You must complete a 5000 word written assignment divided into two halves. The first half is a 2500 word evaluation of your own teaching practice, the second half a 2500 word evaluation of a teaching technique or method that is new to you.
4 assessed teaching assignments – LSAs – You must teach 2 unassessed and 4 assessed lessons. Each teaching assignment is observed by a tutor and includes a 2500 word background written assignment. Your last teaching assignment will be externally assessed.
10 peer observations – You must observe 10 lessons of your fellow attendees’ teaching. This invariably involves travelling around a bit.

Module Three:

Module Three consists entirely of a single written assignment of 4000-4500 words in which you design a course for a particular group of learners.

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