UP Language Consultants are ITTI’s representative in the Brazilian business metropolis

Certification is the process in which an accredited independent institution assesses whether a specific professional or product meets certain quality standards. Such assessment, as regards to languages, is based on training and testing. The TEFL offers professionals credibility, ensuring them the best positions in the market.


Brazil holds an uneasy position, ranked 53° place at EF’s global ranking of English proficiency*  for countries where English is not a native language. That opens a very attractive and compelling market for English teachers.


The City of São Paulo is South America’s financial and economic heart. In the region of ‘Avenue Berrini’, or simply ‘Berrini’, as locals call it, you will find the offices of the largest international companies, the best hotels, shopping malls and a huge range of services being provided. The bold architecture and its easy access routes, including the metropolitan train, contribute to making the area a glamorous and successful business center.

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